PLL List

The CB's are listed by PLL model. Find the PLL and then find the mod :)


Models include:- Hygain 2716 and other Cybernet AM models with a remote Mike.

This radio is useless without the mike controller. It uses a single 10.240 Mhz crystal and a serial data bit stream, generated by the mike.

Not easy to modify.


Models include:- U.S. Models:Lake 410
U.K. Models:Academy,Fidelity CB1000FM, Harvard 402MPA, Lake 850, transcom GBX2000/GBX4000

This chip uses simple 8 bit binary programming.Can be easily modified by programming the pins.


Models include:- GM(Johnson) 4170/4175, Johnson messanger 40/50/80/191/4120/4125/4135/4140/4145/4230/4250, Johnson Viking 200/230/260/270/430.

A custom made chip for EF Johnson. It uses BCD programming.

Modification can be done by changing the loop mixing crystals or by changing the BCD programming to the PLL.


Models include:- Alaron B4900, Palomar 49, Kraco KCB4000, Realistic TRC205, Tenna 10901/10902/11302.

This chip uses binary programming.very early chip.

Can be easily modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal.


Models include:- Gemtronics GTX-4040/GTX-5000, Shakespeare GBS-240, Robyn T240D, Teaberry Model 'T'

This chip is a phase comparator and programmable divider only.It is used in conjunction with the MSL2301 programmable divider.

Easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.


Models include:- Craig L131/L231, Johnson Messanger 4730/Viking 4740, NDI PC200/PC201, Tram D64, Pace 1000BC/1000MC/SS-120, SBE Console VI

This chip was designed to replace the MC14526/68 pair.Used in SSB models only.

Modification is done by useing an external oscillator to replace the doubled 20 Mhz mixing signal coming from the 10 Mhz reference divider.


Models include:- Pearce-Simpson Jaguar 40B, Vector 770/790/X

This chip uses simple binary programming.

Easily modified by changing the 38 Mhz loop mixing crystal.


Models include:- Kraco KCB4003/KCB4088, Morse(Electrophonics) 2001, Pace 8340, Surveyor 2630.

This chip is the same as above,the only diference is that this one uses a 11.520 Mhz reference divider instead of 10.240 Mhz.

Easily modified by changing its 34.560 Mhz mixing signal.


Also includes MC145109/MN6040/SM5109/TC9100 PLL's

This is the most popular PLL ever made! Used in both U.S. and Export models. Due to large number of radio's using this chip I have not listed them.

The PLL02A uses simple 9 bit binary programming.

Easily modified by changing the binary programming or the loop mixing crystals.


Models include:- Hygain 681(HyRange I/Ia)/681(HyRange II/IIa), Kraco KCB2310A/KCB2320A

Predecessor to the PLL02A.Uses straight 8 bit binary programming.

Easily modified by changing the binary programming or the 9.51 Mhz doubler mixing crystal.


Models include:- U.S. Models: Delco(GM) 90CB1/90BCB1/90BCB2/90BFTC1/80BCB2, GE 3-5813A/5818A/5819B/5869A/3-5817A, JC Penny 981-6216, Midland 77-821/77-859, SBE LCM-8
EEC Models: Ham International Hercules FM, HyCom CB2000/CB3000/CB4000, Major 3000, Multitech MS211, Midland 77-FM-005

This is the first ROM chip. Due to the lack of a TX mixer stage it is unmodifiable.


This Pll is now fitted to Unidens that say "Made in Malaysia" on the back panel..This chip is a clone of the MB8719 with a few changes.. The VCO will become unstable when it is expanded out of the normal 'FCC' channels. Pin10 (divide by Ncode) has to left 'floating' if you tie it HIGH or LOW the VCO again becomes unstable and will not lock on. The only way to modify this radio is to replace the RCI8719 PLL with the older MB8719 PLL.The resistor near Pin9 needs to be removed and a jumper wire with a ferrite bead put in its place to reconnect power to pin 9. As this radio is not as broadbanded as previous Unidens it might not be worth the expense of the new chip.


Models include:- Courier Blazer 40D/Renegade 40/Rogue 40/Nightrider 40DR/Ranger 40D, Fannon Fanfare 125F/182F/184F/185PLL/185DF/190F, Realistic TRC448

Uses simple 8 bit binary programming.

Easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.

Royce sealed PLL

Models include:- GE 3-5830, Kmart D40, Kraco KCB4001/KCB4070, Royce 604/608/609/611/613/619/1-625/653B/658/660/662/673/675/678/680/682/1-632/1-641/1-621/1-648, Lake 5000/5100, Mopar 4094173, Medallion 63-200/63-240, Motorola CF925AX, Pioneer GT1100G/GT6600, Ray Jefferson CB740, Superscope Aircommand CBR-40.

These models used the famous 'sardine can' type sealed PLL unit. A number of PLL's were used in this form, including the TC5080/TC5081/TC5082/M58473P. These PLL's are described elsewhere in this document.

It can be easily modified by changing the loop mixing crystal.


Models include:- Courier Caravelle 40D/Conqueror 40D, Fannon Fanfare 880DF, Realistic TRC455, JC Penney 981-6241/981-6246/981-6248, Sears 934.3827/934.3831/934.3826, Kris XL-45/XL-50, Midland 77-825/77-861, Motorola T4000A/T4005A/T4009/T4010A/T4020A/T4022A/T4025A/CM540, Panasonic RJ3050/RJ3150/RJ3100, Robyn 007-140/LB120/DG130D/WV110, Utac TRX500/TRX4000.

This chip uses binary programming. AM models can be modified by changing the programming or loop mixing crystal. SSB models are more difficult because they use seperate 12 Mhz tripler crystals for AM/LSB and USB. It requires that you change both crystals to get all modes.


Models include:- Lake 650, Sears 370.3805, Lafayette LM200,Telsat 1240, Pace 8008/CB161/8010A/8015A/8113/8117/8155, SBE 41CB/42CB.

Uses 8 bit binary programming and an external reference oscillator.

Can be modified by injecting a new oscillator signal.